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I cherish my role as a teacher because it provides an opportunity to enact the kind of positive social change that inspires my research. These values have informed what and how I teach. For example, my ongoing commitment to women’s literature and history can be seen in courses designed within my area of specialty, such as “Romantic Women,” “Women in Literature,” and “First-Wave Feminism” (graduate) to service courses, such as “Introduction to Gender Studies,” which encourage the kind of political consciousness raising necessary to fostering successful scholar-citizens. Since starting at Rutgers in 2007, I have worked diligently to provide students with the kind of attention they might expect at a liberal arts institution. My courses value discussion and emphasize the process of critical inquiry while maintaining an atmosphere that celebrates the joyful nature of learning. My pedagogical approach has been recognized both at the campus and university level. In 2020, I won the Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence, and I was also honored with the Presidential Fellowship for Teaching Excellence in 2013. In 2021 I was recognized as one of the “Remarkable 31,” for my teaching and service work advancing gender equality on the Rutgers-Camden campus.

Ellen Malenas Ledoux - Teaching

What Students Are Saying

Excerpts from recent student evaluations . . .

“I learned a lot about the 1700s that gave me a broader understanding of the time period, and it connected with a lot of information from previous courses and helped me to understand how that information fit together.”

Transatlantic Literature, Spring 2024

Overall course quality score 4.63/5 (online)

“I liked how we had multiple activities and many discussions that encouraged each of us to participate. Additionally, she provided . . . feedback that also encouraged my intellectual growth.”

Honors Banned Feminist Books, Spring 2024

Overall course quality score 4.5/5

“I like how enthusiastic the professor is for the topic. While not being my cup of tea, her excitement is contagious. It gets me trying to enjoy the material as much as she enjoys teaching it.”

English Drama 1660-1800, Spring 2023

Overall course quality score 4.75/5

“I have taken your classes multiple times throughout my college career. You have been nothing short of excellent, and I enjoyed each of your classes”

English Drama 1660-1800, Spring 2023

Overall course quality score 4.75/5

“Professor Ledoux is an amazing professor that actually cares about her students and will do whatever it takes to help her students grow. . . . I had a great semester, and I would definitely take her classes again.”

Texts and Adaptations, Spring 2023

Overall course quality score 4.78/5 (online)

“Definitely in my top 5 favorite courses I’ve taken in my time at Rutgers”

Texts and Adaptations, Spring 2023

Overall course quality score 4.78/5 (online)

“My favorite part about this course was the group discussions that came about from our literary analyses. My fellow students were engaging and intellectually honest, and Professor Ledoux encouraged that and created an environment where that was ultimately possible.”

Foundations of Literature, Fall 2022

Overall course quality score: 4.71/5

“I think Professor Ledoux did a good job covering material that was interesting and engaging. She made sure to hold us accountable while also being considerate of the various circumstances that appear throughout the course of the semester. Her approach made the class welcoming, and I learned a lot.”

Literature Appreciation, Spring 2022

Overall course quality score: 4.75/5

“She pushed me to have a better understanding of the basics of literature.”

Literature Appreciation, Fall 2022

Overall course quality score: 4.64/5, (online)

“Prof. Ledoux consistently chooses great readings and guides discussion in a way that stimulates deeper reading. I can confidently say that Prof. Ledoux’s courses have been amongst the most engaging, fruitful classes that I have taken at Rutgers thus far.”

The Romantic Period (graduate), Spring 2022

Overall course quality score: 5/5

“In class discussion and reading assignments, I felt like when a topic for discussion was presented, if it was controversial, the instructor made sure to include sensor alerts and reiterated that we were in a safe space to share our opinions. . . . We spoke about some subjects that were really difficult! like abortion, racial conflict, rape, patriarchy . . . sometimes I did want to leave the discussion because it was so uncomfortable but I didn’t and I gained so much for that. I think my peers would agree that this class was a chance to learn how to talk about things that make you want to cry . . . with people you barely know in a way that gives you confidence to continue. We need to talk about these things if we hope to teach future generations that they are not okay.”

Women in Literature, Fall 2021

Overall course quality score: 4.53/5

“This course made me fall in love again with Gothic writing. It truly helped my understanding of books I’ve read before. I loved how she challenged us outside of the text. Thank you so much professor for being passionate in what you teach.”

Gothic Writing, Fall 2021

Overall course quality score: 4.1/5

“This is my second time having Ledoux, and both times have been amazing. She is very good at these kinds of classes and furthers my understanding of the course materials. I hope to have her again soon!”

Texts and Adaptations, Spring 2021

Overall course quality score: 4.8/5, online due to COVID-19

“Professor Ledoux is one of my favorite professors at Rutgers, and each class I’ve taken with her has been fantastic. This course was no different. Even with the changes to the educational environments and methods due to COVID, Professor Ledoux handled all the changes gracefully and is truly an exceptional person and educator especially in this climate. Other professors could definitely use a tip from her in this area! Kudos!”

Literature of Horror, Fall 2020

Overall course quality score: 4.71/5, online due to COVID-19

“This was probably one of the only classes this semester I felt like I actually learned in. Prof. Ledoux was clear and engaging. The notes were clear and helpful and still interesting, which kept me engaged with the material all semester. The class being half synchronous and half asynchronous made it helpful to learn and ask questions when we were in Zoom, and also catch up on work within my own time frame when were weren’t in on Zoom for class. . . . I always felt like I had enough time to do my work.”

English Drama 1660-1800, Fall 2020

Overall course quality score: 4.91/5, online due to COVID-19

“Dr. Ledoux created an equitable, accessible, and engaging experience in her class. While I sorely missed our in-person meetings during the second half of the semester, she kept up the engagement and rigor through online instruction. Forums and voice threads maintained engagement. She encourages us to make connections so that theories we learn don’t exist in isolation, which helps us to move from principle to practice in our own academic work. I feel that through her course, I can do more than just define a theoretical framework.”

Intro to Theory & Criticism (graduate), Spring 2020

Overall course quality score: 5/5, transitioned to online due to COVID-19

“She is very kind and understanding. She is fair with grades and still manages to help when help is needed. She made this class a place where we can enjoy learning.”

Intro to Theory & Criticism (graduate), Spring 2020

Overall course quality score: 5/5, transitioned to online due to COVID-19

“Our class discussions were always productive, insightful, and provided clarity on aspects of the reading that may have been confusing with[out] historical context.”

First Wave Feminism (graduate), Fall 2019

Overall course quality score: 4.67/5

“This class has helped me a lot with my points of views of literature. Before I used to not even find an interest in poetry, now thanks to Professor Ledoux I can find a way to connect with whatever I am reading. She made the class very interesting and always helped me if I had a concern or question. There is nothing I would change about the way she teaches the class.”

Literature Appreciation, Fall 2019

Overall course quality score: 4.9/5

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Civic Engagement

“It Gets Better When” Project

In 2015, my students and I won the Margery Somers Foster Multimedia Award from the Douglass Library for an Engaged Civic Learning Project created as part of my “Gender and Sex in Literature” course. This project, a video entitled “It Gets Better When,” contributed to the It Gets Better Project, whose mission is to “uplift, empower, and connect” LGBTQ+ youth from around the globe.

Ellen Malenas Ledoux - Margery Somers Foster Multimedia Award

Teaching Awards & Grants

2023                     Course Development Grant, The Writing Program, Rutgers University ($3,000)

2021                    “Remarkable 31” Award (Advancing Gender Equality on the Rutgers-Camden Campus)

2020                    Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence, Rutgers University ($2,000)

2019-2020          Open & Affordable Textbooks Program Grant, Rutgers University Libraries ($1,000)

2017                    MA Program Enhancement Grant, Graduate School, Rutgers University ($5,000)

2017                    CISS Grant, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University ($10,000)

2015                    Course Development Grant, Introduction to Gender Studies, Rutgers University ($3,000)

2015                    Margery Somers Foster Multimedia Award for “It Gets Better When,” Douglass Library, Rutgers University ($150)

2015                    Committee to Advance Our Common Purposes Grant, “Celebrating the International Day of Transgender Visibility,” Rutgers University ($2,200)

2014                    Digital Studies Center Project Grant, “It Gets Better When,” Rutgers University ($2,380)

2013                    Presidential Fellowship for Teaching Excellence, Rutgers University ($1,500)

2013                    Mini-grant, “Celebrating Women in STEM Fields,” National Science Foundation ($6,500)

2011-2012          Civic Engagement Faculty Fellowship, Rutgers University ($1,000)